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It Takes More than Religion and Spirituality

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According to the data collected back in 2007 by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life 87% of African-Americans described themselves as being affiliated with some religious organization or they have some form of spirituality. When someone looks out at the American landscape we see neighborhoods littered with churches, mosques and so forth that house Blacks to engage in whatever religious observances that they adhere to. If we look on the internet and social media we find individuals communicating their religious and spiritual beliefs and practices. Yet when we look at the state of Black America things are still the same. We still suffer for the societal ills that plague the Black collective.


There is a place for religion or spirituality but these things in the models that are being transmitted at present does not generally cater to the material aspect of man and woman. Even though these…

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Author: BIG EL

Its your boy Elgin, Black Man, Follower of Jesus, Father, Brother, Activist, Blogger, Radio host......

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