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Emotionally Accepting Propaganda: ‘Selma’ the Movie

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crying-black-womanBefore it is over I might as well call this ‘Selma’ the Movie series because people’s reactions to it provide much material to write on that highlights issues within the Black collective. Black people has become too emotional—too passionate about things. It seems that MANY forgot how to think through things or look into or research an issue before making a decision. Let’s take some folk’s reaction to Selma.

I saw someone say that the film was beautiful and that they wanted to cry and that they recommend it to others. Now nowhere in their comments did they address whether it was historically accurate, did it portray anyone out of character or whether the film had some agendas being forwarded by the creators of this. This is very problematic, for the movies is not just simple entertainment as people make them out to be. Movies are a form of propaganda…

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