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Thoughts on Selma the Movie

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This movie was a propaganda piece in order to perpetuate the agendas of feminism and selmapWhite Supremacy. This should not be surprising since a Black female is the director and Oprah Winfrey  played a major role bringing the film to light.

In addition to this it highlights all the things that was wrong with the Civil Rights Movement and contemporary expressions of it. I am going to highlight some notable aspects of the film.

In the offset one of the failures of the Civil Rights Movement is displayed as exemplified in in a scene where Martin Luther King Jr. (David Oyelowo) and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference meets with the Black “students” or The Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee. In the meeting you see the different philosophical approaches of Black Empowerment or social activism displayed. King in the film outlines the varying approaches to this matter as thus.

King and the Southern…

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