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“Are Black Americans Stupid?”

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“Are Black Americans Stupid?”

I do not agree with EVERYTHING in this article, yet there is some very good commentary. Read at your own risk!!!


“The fact that Black Americans got the chance to march was good enough for them. Not for those people in Nevada. They wanted justice and they were not leaving until they got it. Black Americans don’t have that kind of resolve, and the government knows it. We settle. We make deals. We hold conferences, and rallies, and at the end of the day, all we ask for is to be equal. Give me a break.

How can you ask for equality from a system that has shown you time and time again it does not give a damn about you? That’s stupid.”


Author: BIG EL

Its your boy Elgin, Black Man, Follower of Jesus, Father, Brother, Activist, Blogger, Radio host......

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