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Race did I get here….


I have been out of the church for a couple of years now. Soon after leaving I was presented with an opportunity to do radio. Radio being a lifelong dream, I jumped swiftly to the take advantage of what was presented before me. I started Real Talk Radio on Church Folk Revolution Network (check us out on, with the intent of encouraging, and discipling people that have been hurt by the church, neglected by the church or just said eff church. The point is that no matter the reason for them not attending with them, that they were still in HIm, the Him being Jesus (catchy huh). I knew that I had to address the elephants in the room, topics that were skirted over, ignored or intentionally or unintentionally taught in error. I came out swinging for the fences. My first show I compared the institutional church to the prison system (a comparison that still holds true). No topic was too taboo, nothing was off-limits from mastubation to the tithe. I hit them all, but I was not alone shortly after starting the show I was joined by two brothers, twin brothers at that, and we clicked from the very beginning. In the early stages we had a common foundation, but different views on some secondary issues. Those issues did not get in our way, we would debate, argue, yell, scream, and cuss our view points. It strengthened us individually and collectively. As we began tackling these topics, we dug deep into our studies for each one. Examining them from a fresh perspective, a view that was built solidly on Christ and the freedom found in Him and Him alone. To say that our radio discussions, or interactions on social media were welcomed by others would be the understatement of eternity. We were met with hostility, condemnation, anger, and unrighteous judgement. We lost relationships of every kind, it seemed the more we proclaimed truth, the more we lost. There were times of anger, and frustration. Wonder why in the hell folk were not seeing the truth. Yet we persevered and pushed forth. Every now and then we would receive some form of correspondence, from someone who had heard one of our broadcast, they would describe how the truth they heard had changed their lives, we would thank them, encourage them and disciple them if willing. At times it was incredibly difficult, I could not imagine anything being quite as difficult for folk to grasp as telling them they did not have to go to church and GOD would still love them, or if they did not tithe that GOD was NOT going to curse them.

Not until I began to talk about race. WHEW!!!! You talking about a subject when brought up is met with swift and immediate resistance, that subject has to be race. A subject so difficult and hard for many to grasp, they have create code words or change the designation of black people in what seems to be every couple of years, from colored, to negro, to black, to african american and you and I both know nigger comma between all of those designations, changes made purely for comfort and control. Why the need to talk about race? Because its been ignored far too long. Its talked about in such a political correct way that, its devoid of truth and honesty. Its not only whites who don’t want to talk about it. NOPE. Blacks don’t either. Both groups will talk about it when they are in their liked-skinned peep group.

Last night while hosting The Forum, I made the statement that “Voting has never benefited Blacks. And that we black should boycott the voting process, until it either changes or we blacks create our own political party, that is geared specifically and exclusively towards blacks.” PEOPLE WENT NUTS!!!!! PRIVATELY. No one challenged that thought process. No one provided data, to contradict my argument. No one addressed it. I have a theory on why….BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT BLACKS DOING WHAT THEY NEED TO DO FOR THEMSELVES TO IMPROVE!!!! I am not talking about this foolishness that is so pervasive right now, that blacks need to work harder, do more, and go to college longer….do more, try harder…etc. If you notice in that argument made by whites and blacks, that there is never anything spoken of in regards to the current climate of racial inequality in America, its consistently this “cultural residue” argument, that “yeah racism is evil, slavery was awful, but its over, we weren’t slave owners or we weren’t slaves, you have the same opportunities as we do.” So since folk refuse to address the big racial elephant in the room….I will.


Author: BIG EL

Its your boy Elgin, Black Man, Follower of Jesus, Father, Brother, Activist, Blogger, Radio host......

3 thoughts on “Race did I get here….

  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. Here is one thing I’ve learned about race…a black man can state one thing, and be called a reverse racist, a race baiter, a trouble maker, angry, militant and told he is “playing the race card” what ever that means….

    But if a white man states the exact same statement, he is bold, courageous wise and to some, a nigger lover.

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