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Voting: Illusionary Power

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Voting :Illusionary Power

Whats Good Family!!!!

It’s Voting Season!!! Are you EXCITED!!!!! Nah…me either. You see the signs out on the side of the road. You have seen or heard about politicians coming to town, and holding meetings. There are a bunch of folk showing their support for this politician or for this particular party. Doing whatever they can do to get folk out to the polls. None of that has benefited blacks.

  1. What about Blacks and Voting?

    1. We have the power to vote, but have no power with our vote. Emancipation and Amendments to the Constitution gave blacks the legal right to vote.

    2. One of the only instances in which blacks exercise true group power is through block voting. Block voting is when a group of people vote on a common concern. For example, the elderly are often considered block voters when they vote for the person who promises to keep Social Security strong. Block voting can also be when a group of shareholders band together to vote in a certain way.

      1. The problem for blacks when it comes to block voting, we have no wealth, social accountability powers, voting becomes a a weak form of power for blacks.

    3. Voting rights has pacified blacks by allowing them to make choices, but never decisions. We can vote their choice for candidates about whom the dominant white society has already made decisions.

    4. Since the 1960s Blacks have been consistent in our voter participation, which indicates that we believe that our voting power can significantly change our life conditions. IT HAS NOT.

    5. Blacks have successfully put black and white candidates into high government offices bu voting blocks, and by doing so we have a sense of ownership we feel towards that candidate that we put into office. That’s “Our” so and so…we claim them. Yet we have no power to old them accountable. Threats can be made, but voting power outside of the voting block . Elections are held every 2 or 4 years, so we can be ignored or further damaged by those we have put into office.

    6. Blacks have failed. How have we failed? We failed to use our limited financial power and resources to persuade outside forces to create change inside black communities. How do we create change in our community? The same was they did it in the Alabama bus boycott. The money stopped flowing from the black hand to the white hand, the white society in Alabama listened and changed….a little.

    7. Blacks in Office

      1. Blacks winning seats in politics does not translate into improved social and economic conditions for black people. Things do not get better when black folk are in office. Black elected officials have been reluctant to initiate programs solely targeted to blacks. Sadly it seems that with their election they are afraid to push black cause or have become color-blind society.

      2. The black political power has yet to become an effective an effective strategy for getting vitally needed resources to black communities.

      3. Few can point to a program or policy that was enacted specifically and solely to relieve the horrendous conditions in black communities.

      4. The 40+ Million blacks are a sleeping giant that, if properly organized and mobilized, could achieve group economics and political power.

      5. The Black vote alone WILL not ensure blacks a respectable status or new role in America. The vote must be backed by a national plan of public policies specifically designed to help blacks achieve economic self-sufficiency and self-empowerment.

At voting time there are a few things that you can bet your last dollar on…

  1. Blacks are voting Democrat, because they believe that democrats have blacks best interest in heart.

  2. Blacks think Republicans are all white, and racist

  3. Lastly, you are going to have folk saying things like “Folk gave their lives for you to vote”. Foolish I know . No one has ever given their life for folk to vote. NO ONE!!!!! There have been folk who have had their life taken for people to vote.

These mindsets are tragically flawed. What happens is folk take this mindset into the voting booth. With no investigation of what these folk stand for, or promise. Then you end up with the current situations we find ourselves in….I am tired of people pushing blacks to the voting booth. Telling them to exercise their right to vote, no one goes to the booths for exercise, they go for benefits. And if those folk who are running are not offering any benefits to blacks they should not get our own vote. Black folk if you want to see if your vote counts, keep it. I think we should boycott the process or create our own party. Right now black folk would be the most powerful group in America if they would cease and desist splitting themselves up between two political parties Democrats and Republicans. If all the Blacks in America, all 40 million of us decide we are going to become independent we are no longer going to belong to the democratic party or the republican party. Because we have learned that is called divide and conquer. Your vote means nothing Black folk. You see programs for everybody, minorities, for women, for Asians, for anybody, for veterans…you never see programs for black folk. What we must do is pool are vote, take our black vote and create a black independent party, nationally and vote as a block. Then decide that we are going to vote for those with the policies, and track record whether they are white black, blue or skittle. With the unified power of the black vote, who would dare cross us. No one.

The mindset that all Dems love blacks and Repubs hate blacks is ignorant . Meaning that most who have that mindset, do not have all the information. Truth be told there was a period in time where Republican was the party of choice, now let me stop you before you start thinking that all of sudden the Repubs did something wrong and the Dems did something right. No. They both have and will screw us over. The question has to be asked who did the Black community leave the Repubs for the Dems?

History lesson time….The democratic party was built and constructed on racism and hate. They even had their private army known as the KKK, which President Harry Truman was a member. We many of you have been taught is that since Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 that he was in favor and supporter of blacks and civil rights legislation, truth is LBJ, was staunchly opposed to the bill, and that it was actually Republican Senator Everett Dirksen who drafted and pushed the bill tirelessly. I know folk are quick to point out the Repubs fingerprints all of the voter id laws, and such. But don’t let the Dems get it twisted, they were responsible for instated Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, and even created the KKK in Southern States. Why was there this mass exodus from the Repubs to Dems….you have the Civil Rights Bill to thank for that…Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932, received 71 percent of the black vote WHY? He opposed anti-lynching laws. In 1948 Truman a Klansman garnered 77 percent of the black vote…WHY? Desegregating the Military.

The republicans spearheaded several pieces of legislation for blacks (not exclusively). Abraham Lincoln the first Republican President signed the Emancipation Proclamation giving freedom to the slaves. The Republicans in Congress worked to write and pass the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendments, which helped to outlaw slavery, attempted to guarantee equal protection under the laws, and to secure voting rights. As the years passed, the messages of the two major political parties evolved. The Republicans began to adopt more of a message of self-reliance, while the Democrats continued to promise that government could help people. The message continued and was doubled-down on as the evangelical Christian movement began to coalesce with the GOP after the Reagan Revolution in the early 1980s. There’s one thing that voters of all color and backgrounds share: they like being told what they want to hear. Minorities, white blue collar workers, and those living in poverty were told by one side that there would be help for them, and told by another side that they could and should do it themselves. In the 1990s, a new Republican Congress led by then-Speaker Newt Gingrich ushered in the wildly successful welfare reform. Signed into law by Bill Clinton (Democrat, again) these reforms help to lift millions out of poverty and led to a roaring economy and a budget surplus. Clinton got the credit, despite the fact that he initially didn’t want to sign the bill into law. One could say that up until the mid-sixties, the GOP had been on the right side of history for a solid century. Up until that point, many prominent African Americans had been republicans. Frederick Douglas, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver, Sojourner Truth, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. all saw the GOP as the place to be. I don’t blame either one of these parties for the state that blacks are in, I blame us. I blame older blacks for not telling the whole truth, and holding on to history, and younger blacks for not using their many resources to investigate our history and carve out a better present and future.




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